from £60.00 per letter

Single letters or bespoke names are a popular tribute for a loved one. These are a set frame size, with all letters available. You can have a single initial, their name, or family names such as Mum, Dad or Grandma. The floral foam base is massed in chrysanthemum, neatly edged with either pleated ribbon or foliage, accented with a small cluster of complimentary flowers.


*Florist Choice = Allow your florist to create a beautiful design using the best available seasonal flowers. This will offer you the best value for money for a bespoke arrangement. By all means let us know any favourite colours, or flowers to avoid (i.e. allergic to lilies), but let us do what we do best!


If you would like to request specific flowers, please allow as much time as  possible when ordering. Specific flowers will affect the cost of your arrangement.

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