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Langton Flowers Weddings Price List

The prices shown below are the minimum starting prices, and should be used as a guide. Prices would vary depending on the time of year, availability, and content.


Please phone or email to discuss your requirements.


Brides Bouquet

Hand Tied Posy

Formal  Shower Bouquet

Simple over the arm Bouquet


Bridesmaids Bouquets

Hand Tied Posy

Formal Posy in holder

Formal Shower (small replica)

Simple over the arm Bouquet


Flower Girls



Small hand tied posy


Button Holes


Roses/All Gyp or Other

Calla Lily/small grouped



Wrist Corsages'


Top Table/Service Table/Fireplace

Traditional  long low  arrangement


Optional  Foliage Swag for top Table



Table Centres

There is a large variety of different designs available, and can be quoted for individually. Designs can start at anything  from £15.00 each for something very simple, such as 2 -3 stems in a bud vase   A compact posy arrangement in a ornamental  pot/glass cube/vase  from £40.00 each, or fish bowls with flowers in from £25.00 each.


We do have some beautiful tall vases available for hire, that can have flower arrangements placed on top.


A Large arrangement of  matching seasonal flowers, to be placed on top of hired tall vases. from £70.00 each


Should you wish to use Langton Flowers vases here are the charges for hire


Hire charge of tall glass vase



Returnable deposit on each vase


Hire charge of mirror


Returnable deposit on each mirror


Sprinkles for the tables


Jam  Jars   It is very popular to fill a collection of jars , of varying shapes and sizes, that can be grouped on tables.


Jam jars, provided by you,  of varying sizes, decorated with lace/ribbon/raffia, and  simply filled with matching flowers.

from £8.50 per jar, depending on size and content.


Large Pedestal  Arrangements




Pew Ends/ Chairs

Large Voile Bow from

Tied bunch of Gypsophila

Flower Arrangement


Thank You Bouquets

Cut Flower Bouquet

Aqua Box Bouquet







from £80.00

from £95.00

from £50.00




from £45.00

from £50.00

from £65.00

from £25.00




from £18.00

from £30.00

from £25.00




£4.95 each

from £7.95 each

£8.95 each



from £10.95

from £15.00




 from £70.00


from £35.00

(depending on length)

















£7.00 each

(inc gel beads and lights)


£15.00 each vase


£3.00 each mirror


 £8.00 each


£2.00 per table











from £90.00 each





£8.00 each

£10.00 each

from £20.00 each




from £25.00

from £40.00


*Some areas minimum order, contact for details.

We will deliver further for events and weddings.

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